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Welcome to: C.A.F.E.  (Cell vision)
Our Lord Jesus Christ, had one whole night praying for choose his twelve disciples, whom He could share and teach they were so-called apostles. In this way, our Lord put the true Christian development.
Through small groups, is easier the spiritual built so in it, is possible share in a personal way.
The first Christian had meetings every day at temple and at houses to share bread, pray and praise, so also biblical teaches.
Thus C.A.F.E. are groups between 12 –15 persons, who have a meeting one day at week to share testimonies, prayers, amity, fellowship and God’s word. In a cell you can say your problems and needs.
Cell potentiality  (C.A.F.E.)
Despise people by Jew society was admit by Jesus at homes (Matthew 9:10) at the same way, homes was worship and fellow places to much people that give the best of them to our Lord.
When you open a cell, the potentiality that it get by group pray, will delivery to bless all people who come to this cell.

The cell vision is the follow:
Make twelve persons like a Jesus disciples, thus:
1. Have a dream.
2. Have a clear target
3. Know the vision give for God
4. Constant learning
5. Choose the “twelve”
6. Form your “twelve”
The cell structure
You need to have a specific day and hour, so also specific place (house), then as you are a leader, start the meeting with a
Speak about gospel, Jesus
Explain the gospel
Pray for people.
Meetings time: 45 to 60 minutes.

Before you start cell is very important, ask to God what is his wish, ask for people, and ask for their needs and problems. Pray for salvation and forgiven of all community.
Prepare your chat: search a specific God’s word, and make your preaching, put a title to your chat, is useful.  When you had done it. Go to cell home and start your cell.

Is very important “take new people”, invite unchristian to your cell every meeting, thus you will add members to your community and thus you can choose your “twelve”.
For choose “Twelve” we have special event to share the gospel and teaches of God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bless, Gift, Holiness, Salvation.   This event is retreat, every moth we have one retreat.

When these people know the way, the truth and the life, you can choose your “twelve”


Some that had improve leadership is TWELVE MODEL, it is one strategy that facilitate the work, engaging whole congregation. When you make everyone a leader this aid to spiritual growth, further, all believer is engaged with the work and become an active member to fulfill great commission.
Conform twelve is an important thing, much people fight in this stage and it require deep praying to have guide of Jesus in select correct people, the best result are get, beginning with three people and thus, the leader have the opportunity to go watching who have suitable feeling to get your twelve group.
Begin with three people and pray together, blessing of God is improvement.
To choose the " three", you should take into consideration the CALL; we look those members that no yet engaged in a cell. Is important watch those who have desire to advance and grow in Christian life, select and pray for them and consolidate Jesus Character into them, after these " three" will leaders, and they would work with a cell, then each can form their three and these three form other three and thus get your equip, you twelve, your disciples as Jesus teaches us now you go to nations and make disciples (Matthew 28,19)


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